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Hello everyone,nice to see you here in my journal ^_^

This is a personal use journal.

This journal was originally made to be a place where i could share about Johnny's that i adore,but i rarely update about anything (haha). I didn't go well like what i wanted but the good thing is I probably would never spam your Friend Page ♪

I love KAT-TUN ♥ Nakamaru is my forever hyphen crush but I constantly cheating with members (also guys from other groups).
 I adore everyone on Johnny's . The first group which i knew was Hey! Say! JUMP and i still loving them so much <3.

Sometimes i watch anime,i'm not very fond of it but i enjoy watching them. Some anime that i like are Aria, Howl's Moving Castle, Utapuri, Free! Gintama, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki, Houzuki no Reitetsu and K. After I watched Howl's moving castle and after i crazed about it i found out that Howl's seiyuu was Kimutaku! I can't be more happier xD.

I also watching and reading some BL stuff, but don't worry ,if you don't like BL,i never talk much about it and i don't post BL related things here~
And last..brothers conflict! i don't know if you ever heard about this but it was originally a PSP otome game about reversed-harem (lol) I didn't read the visual novel series but i listen to its drama CDs. My friend said that it was cliche but i love it so don't judge me! lol

I didn't expect this entry would be this long but thanks for reading ♥

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07 December 2011 @ 04:39 pm
hi minna :3
i'd like to share my cover version of crazy love :D
though there's still a lot of wrong lyric (since i record this only once without re-record a better one..i'm so sorry for this ==''')
can you listen and give a comments here?
thanks guys , keep support KAT-TUN :3

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25 November 2011 @ 06:26 pm

after a long time finally KAT-TUN held a tour!!! xD

start from 11 Feb 2010 till 22 April 2012
the venue will be at these place :

who's planning to gooo????????
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11 February 2011 @ 08:34 pm

i was curious about their siblings recently..
i tried to search about it but i found nothing..
did someone have clue?
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01 November 2010 @ 09:00 pm

Hey fans,
there's another huge twitter project for jin ..coming up..please do participate and spread the world as much as you can..

So you all remember the #jinakanishi project we did in September right? This is like a part 2. Except the support wasn't asked for. We just wanna show it. If this works out well it will be really nice 'cos it's a way of fans who are not going to the cons to show their support too. We'll inform his friends on twitter too about this so they're aware and maybe they can tell Jin again.

HASHTAG: #jinakanishi
DATE & TIME: 10PM Japan time on Sat 6th Nov 2010. (converts to 8am in Chicago if anyone wanted to know) don't forget to UNLOCK your tweets and use the hashtag ONCE per tweet.

lets make this as big or even bigger than the last one! no need to ask if you wanna translate it or share the translations!
a banner is coming up soon!

各位還記得之前的推特企劃嗎?part2來囉!這個應援並不是強制性的,這是一個讓那些無法參與美巡的fans們應援Jin的管道,我們也會通知Jin的朋友,他們可能會再次告訴Jin這個企劃。日本時間11/6(六)晚上10點,帶上 #jinakanishi 一起大聲說出你的應援吧!- translation done by @dashen224

#jinakanishi ทวิตเตอร์โปรเจค วันเสาร์ที่ 6 พฤศจิกายน 2 ทุ่มเวลาประเทศไทย :) มาร่วมด้วยช่วยกันนะคะไทยแฟน ^o^ - done by @qoqoro

ハッシュタグ: #jinakanishi 日時:11月6日(土)日本時間午後10時(シカゴ時間午前8時)(以上、和訳)
※仁君へのメッセージなので日本語で構いません。メッセージに必ず #jinakanishi (前後に半角スペース)を付けることを忘れずに。※tweetを非公開にしている方は必ず「公開」設定にして下さい - translation done by @ellewoods8

11/6(토)일본시간 오후10시,온 세상의 JIN AKANISHI 팬이 일제히 응원 메세지를 중얼거립니다. 메세지에 반드시 #jinakanishi 를 붙여.꼭 함께 응원하자!! - translation done by @ellewoods8

Apoya a Jin HASHTAG: #jinakanishi
FECHA y HORA: 10PM Hora Japón Sábado 6 Nov 2010. (corresponde a 8AM, Chicago)) - thanks to our_scars

Então, todos vocês se lembram do projeto #jinakanishi no Twitter, em setembro, certo? Este é como uma ‘parte II’. Exceto que, dessa vez, não houve o pedido da parte dos amigos dele. Nós apenas queremos mostrar o nosso apoio.
Se isso funcionar direitinho, vai ser verdadeiramente maravilhoso, porque isso é uma maneira das fãs que não poderão comparecer aos shows dele, de mostrarem o seu apoio também.

Nós informaremos aos amigos dele (no Twitter) sobre este projeto também, para que eles saibam e também possam contar para o Jin novamente. Um enorme agradecimento à @dashen224 por ter feito o banner do projeto. (Obs: eu coloquei num outro post aqui no Tumblr) Sim, vocês podem usar o banner para promover o projeto.

HASHTAG: #jinakanishi

DATA E HORÁRIO: 10 a.m (Horário do Brasil) no dia 05/11/2010.

POSTEM ISSO EM TODA PARTE! DIVULGUEM! TRADUZAM! ESPALHEM! Vamos tornar este projeto tão grande quanto o outro, ou ainda maior. Não há necessidade de pedir, se você quiser traduzir e espalhar o projeto. ^~^- translation by Samy_Gontijo

#jinakanishi مشروع تويتر لدعم جولة جين الأمريكية القادمة. الموعد: ٦ نوفمبر، الساعة ١٠ بتوقيت اليابان (٤ عصرا بتوقيت السعودية) هع -Translation by jnooon

HASHTAG: #jinakanishi. ДАТЫ & ВРЕМЯ: время 10PM Япония на Sat 6-ое ноября 2010. ( 8am в Чiкаго) - translation by astwisa

translate this into your own language and spread people!!
Click here to get the banners and promote this as much as you can...let show our support for jin!!

ur admin

credit @benazir farook
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12 September 2010 @ 08:18 pm
everyone ! ! ! ! ! !come join this twitter project !!!!!
let's support n show our love to akanishi jin !!!!
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30 July 2010 @ 11:01 am
could someone tell me what actually happened in july , 25th concert?
 could someone explain to me what makes this news come out?

check this out : www.tokyohive.com/2010/07/taguchi-junnosukes-omission-of-akanishi-jin-upsets-fans/

what really happen?
i don't understand...really2 don't understand

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i have nothing to say now..
when i read that..my heart suddenly fall to a frozen condition,,
i felt numb...
and then i saw the other article with additional bold part :
"this time round i'm proceeding to go solo"

i can't hold my emotion..
he's definitely said it by himself...
i cried..yeah...but somehow i smiled too...*weird
i cried...because there's will be a sayonara between them..
and promise song...phew...
but i'm happy too...
i smile..because i knew that akaniisan will take the way that he (maybe) always wants and he chose it ...
it's like i want to smile at him and say , ' omedetou^^'
ganbatte akanii-san...!
at least i can say that^^
thank you for all of your hard work in KAT-TUN those day^^
i'll treasure that memory forever..
and once again i said :
we are kat-tun........

*gee....it feels like brokenhearted....
why it's feeli like we'll gonna lost him?
he'll only left kat-tun...not us...(fans)
but why did i get this sad and brokenhearted....
i'm really2 brokenhearted now......T,T
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check this out ~ jin manual ~
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19 July 2010 @ 08:25 pm
today i tried to dance on no more pain~
i tried my best nee!!
did you ever try to dance on kat-tun dance?
it's fun^^
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